Thank you, valued landlord, tenants, seller's and buyers - We truly appreciate all of our clients and thank you for the continued trust throughout the years. We are grateful for our 400+ reviews on Citysearch since 2007, which has ranked us at a 100% satisfaction rate! And for the 170+ Google revies.

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In this day and age usually management companies are very responsive before they have signed you up as an annual client but once they sign you up the quality level goes down. This is not the case at Azari Property Management. Initially I signed up with Azari management for one of my buildings. I am so impressed out of scale with their professionalism and responsiveness that I will sign up the rest of my properties with them as soon as they become available. I highly recommend them.
~ Navid Bahrami

I am the president of our HOA here is Costa Mesa, and we engaged Azari earlier this year to manage our needs as a small HOA. We have been extremely pleased on all levels with their service, professionalism and accessibility. They were faced with a challenge in that the transition from our previous management company required that they fill in many gaps and they have risen to the occasion. On behalf of our entire board I thank the Azari team for providing us with such excellent service and for always doing so with a positive attitude and a high level of integrity.
~ Jeff G.

Candi from Azari Property Management pays close attention to the demands of her clients. She is conscientious and forthright in what is possible and what requires extra effort. She pays attention to the small details that make a difference and makes an effort at being available when her clients need her assistance.
Her phone manner is pleasant and she is easy to communicate with during the more difficult issues that can arise on the property. Making it an overall pleasant experience to do business with her.
~ Darryl P.

With the work of the HOA leadership as well as the Azari group things just keep getting better and better. I am very grateful to all of you for turning what was a problematic building into a wonderful living space.
~ Robin T.

Azari is the property management firm for our building. They have done a fantastic job! They are extremely responsive and proactive. Their staff really seem to be vested in making our building a great place to live! Many thanks!
Steve Gemignani

Azari Property Management is the property management firm for our condo complex for over five years. In that time frame, I have served on the board of directors for the HOA. I have always felt that your perception of a company, is based on your interaction with their team. My interactions throughout the years with the Azari team is always top notch, in all facets from the executive team, finance, to the operations folks. They actively participate in the running of our complex. Contact their team, and you will immediately feel like you are the most important person in the world.If you are considering a change in your management team, please consider the folks at Azari.
~ Israel Orais

Azari runs our building, they are responsive and responsible and friendly. They manage many of our projects and building’s moving parts, and work their butts off to make sure their clients are happy. Highly recommended!
~ Matt Shih

Candi from Azari Property Management pays close attention to the demands of her clients. She is conscientious and forthright in what is possible and what requires extra effort. She pays attention to the small details that make a difference and makes an effort at being available when her clients need her assistance.
Her phone manner is pleasant and she is easy to communicate with during the more difficult issues that can arise on the property. Making it an overall pleasant experience to do business with her.
~ Darryl P.


“My brothers and I recently sold our parent’s South San Francisco home in October 2017. I was genuinely impressed by Genie’s knowledge and marketing abilities. She was able to answer all our questions and informed us of a few things we had not considered. She was concerned with selling our house but also doing it in a manner that was best for us. After an inspection of the property Genie identified what needed to be done to stage the house properly for a quick sale. After establishing a sales plan, the house was put on the market. We received 7 offers within a week and ultimately sold the house for 12% over the asking price.”
~ V.

I have been Azari PM’s client since 2010 and they have been actively managing my condo/town house in SF like their own investment. I’m really appreciated for their great service, especially Genie, Cindi , Mark & Dunja; they are very nice and prompt responsive, to whatever my requests or from the tenants. I’ll recommend their services to all of my friends who need the property management.
~ Wendy Y.

As a property owner in San Francisco, it can be hard to navigate the complexities of renting your property here.  I was looking for a property management place that would provide a seamless service to me and my tenants and I’m very pleased with Azari and their level of service.  If there are repairs or maintenance, they promptly take care of the request and then email me with options and cost.  I even found out there had been some personal issues among the tenants but Azari handled these too without involving me – which I appreciated!  If I do need to call, most times I am talking to Azari herself and she and her staff are very professional.  Would recommend this company to landlords.
~ Julianna X.

Manzar and Mark are very help in getting tenant quickly and managed all the logistics for lease signing and tenant move-in. I am expecting smooth sailing from here for the coming years.
~ CC

Second time using Azari to find tenants. Mark is very professional and communicative. He will provide me immediate updates any time a potential tenant is interested. The first time I had listed my apartment, we were in a rush, so the listing photos were not ideal. My only feedback is I wish they would’ve updated the photos the second time around.
~ Richard W.

Azari Property Management has been handling all aspects of my property for 15+ years. They have always found good tenants since they do vet all applicants thoroughly. Some have been much more demanding than others, but I have never heard of any complaints or unhappy tenants. They conduct periodic reviews and document their findings and suggestions with photos. There is consequently no deferred maintenance. Their response has always been prompt. They are the best management company, I have ever signed on anywhere.
~ Cecil J.

It’s now been over 5 years that Manzar Azari and the team at Azari Property Management has managed property for me in San Francisco.  So I thought it would be good to update my review.  As a landlord who lives overseas for much of the year, it is pretty helpful to have a property manager I can trust.  Manzar & the APM team communicate well and keep me informed of all property issues.  Since I am not always reachable and able to respond immediately, they have the common sense to go ahead and take care of urgent matters while knowing what issues can wait til they hear back from me.  Their bookkeeping system is the best I’ve seen in my experience with property managers, and the maintenance staff they have does a good job in fixing things correctly the first time, which is of great benefit to the property owner as well as to the tenant.  What tenants often don’t realize is that they also serve as tenant advocates.  So if a tenant has a concern, they bring it to my attention and if the tenant has a point, they let me know.  So they do a wonderful job balancing the needs of the tenant with the interests of the property owner.  I am grateful for the job Manzar and the APM team do.  They certainly make my life easier!
~ alien12

Overall, pretty decent company. They’re generally responsive, take care of the property, and easily fix issues. I can commend them for 1. meeting me on a weekend to give me an extra set of keys while locked out and 2. Genie, accountant, for waiving a fee when a roommate had to break a lease to move to LA for a job.

Overall, I’d recommend them.
~ Ian S.

Outstanding service by Azari Property Management Team… As a first time landlord for the last few years when we were out of the country, we had our shares of problems, including the leaky roof caused by roofing company personnel who were working on my neighbor’s house, complicated legal issues that we were not familiar with, insurance issues, etc. These were major problems to me and my wife at that time, not only because we were out of the country, but also due to the lack of experience and knowledge. Thanks to Azari Property Management, we were able to get a very accurate and expert advice on each and every problems, and together, we were able to resolve the problems in a timely manner with satisfactory results at the end. To our surprise, when the leak was first discovered, both Manzar and Yianni immediately came out to my property to personally investigate the problem and provided timely assessments of the problems and their recommendations. Manzar was always there to help us whenever we had problems, even during her family vacation in London. We were extremely impressed with her expertise and her ability to help us out when I was least expecting to hear from her. She even sent us e-mails during her vacation, sometimes after midnight in London time. She is always very energetic and competent, and her extremely positive attitude must have been contagious to us, as our worries seemed to have evaporated after we talked to her. She was also very fair to both landlord and renters, and she has a unique talent to make complicated issues very simple and easy for both renters and landlords. I am also very grateful to Genie for her assistance and her professionalism. Genie’s thorough research and preparation for leasing my house was impressive. I also like to thank Jenny for her thorough paperwork, which is so easy to follow. Even my difficult CPA was happy with her accounting system. The office staff was very friendly, personal, easy going, and yet, very professional. Above all, I must say, my wife and I have a lot of respect for Manzar, and she has become more than a dear friend to us. Overall, Azari Property Management has an outstanding team, and we are very grateful on the excellent services provided to us.
~ mhsuh

Dear Manzar & Azari Group,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being helpful, tactful, and speedy- all at the same time!! I am convinced purchasing a nice home was due in no small measure to your professionalism and work ethics. Wishing you and your staff a wonderful Thanksgiving and a healthy, prosperous and joyous Holiday Seasons!!
~ Mali

Azari Property Management is one of the best in the business.

Outstanding customer service,friendly and yet professional approach, they absolutely impressed me by quality of their work.

Thank you dear Manzar for your great vision,hard work and amazing team that you have, there was no way we could do it without help of your company.
~ Mona J

This is my fourth year with the Azari Propery Management Group. I just want to send my thanks to everyone on the Azari staff, especially Jenny who is Simply the Best.

Always calm, cool and collected, she solves every one of my many problems. Jenny I couldn’t do this without your kind and professional care.

To Genie, I so enjoy working with you and appreciate your expertise picking just the right tenant for each property.

Yanni, I consider you and Manzar more than friends and colleagues, you are family to me.

Best regards,
~ Joanna Signer

Perfect! I first met Manzar when she started Azari Property Management about four years ago. She turned an idea she developed as an MBA student at UCLA into reality. Four years later, I am still impressed that what she visualized has been actualized. What makes any business successful? Knowledge, know-how, a determined will and the ability to build personal relationships. Manzar has brought all these things into the property management business. From a landlord’s perspective, I have found Manzar and her crew at APM very astute in their business acumen. They understand the rental market and the fluctuations in it and advise me accordingly. They have not been wrong yet in the advice they have given me. As a property owner who lives overseas and returns to San Francisco infrequently, Manzar’s counsel has been invaluable in ensuring our property yields the best returns, especially during the recent economic downturn. When I return to San Francisco for visits, I am always impressed by the care and attention given to the property. While I’m away, they e-mail me pictures for repairs that are done as well as during their frequent inspections. So when I return, I’m never surprised. The APM maintenance crew is always reliable and fair in what they charge. And one of the most impressive things I have noticed with Manzar is that just as she and the APM team maintain good contact with me as the property owner, they also pay equal attention to the needs and concerns of the tenants. That is the underlying philosophy of APM that makes them so successful. Early on, Manzar conveyed this aspect of her business plan — a property manager acts as a mediator between the property owner and the tenant; and tenants who are happy take greater care of the houses they live in. But I think it it is much more than that … Manzar, and the people who work with her, are intrinsically warm, friendly, respectful and caring. When a tenant has a concern, APM contacts me wherever I may be to inform me of a problem. Then they are persistent to ensure that the tenant’s concerns are satisfied. This works to ensure that maintenance issues do not snowball into bigger problems, and also that the expectations that the tenant has of living in a good dwelling are met. I have to admit that there are times when I am unreachable and APM has to take the heat from the tenant while they await my response when my approval is mandatory before a big repair. It is unfortunate when it happens, and feel bad that since they are on the frontline when it comes to property issues, they take the blame when it really resides with me. While her core business is in the SF Bay Area, I recently asked Manzar to manage a property I own in Los Angeles because I have not found the level of service and care down there that she provides now. Being away, the saying “Go with what you know!” has served me well. I know Manzar, I know the quality of work she produces at APM, and I have the utmost confidence that she not only looks to ensure my financial well-being, but the satisfaction and contentment of the tenants she places in my properties. I highly recommend Manzar and Azari Property Management to property owners and tenants alike. Property owners will know that their investments will be well cared for in the best manner possible, and, if their persistence in communication a tenant’s concerns are any indication, tenants can be assured that they will be looked after!
~ alien12

Thank you for everything. Dear Manzar, I would like to appreciate all you have done for us. We will definitely rely on you company in the future for either renting or selling our house. It was pleasure working with you and all of the nice people working at your company.

~ Mehrdad and Farzabeh

Great teamwork! I like to take this opportunity to thank you, Yianni, Olga, Roger, and Genie, for the great teamwork. Thanks to you and your team, we have successfully resolved the roof problem and found good tenants. Now we have a new roof that will last another 20+ years. Excellent work!
~ Michael S

The best customer service ever… Dear Olga, if you or Manzar ever need someone to provide a testimonial on the value of working with Azari, let me know. I can’t imagine how people manage their properties on their own. If for no other reason than peace of mind, for my money it is one of the best investments I have ever made.

The fact that all of you also are attentive to relationships with your clients is a big plus for me. Corporate America has forgotten the meaning of customer service in my opinion, but all of you impressed me from the beginning with how much you valued me as an associate and a client. I remember with great fondness Manzar inviting me into her office after I worked with the woman who originally signed me up ( I am embarrassed that I have forgotten her name — it seems like I have worked with you from the beginning) Manzar also assist me with her time & knowledge to get me out of a possible big lawsuit with my tenant when we had a bed bag problem. It saved me thousands of dollars in legal fees… I firmly believe that details like that are almost as important as the amount of rent one ends up earning. How many transactions do we remember with people we do business with? Not many.
~ Bob M.

Azari has been providing excellent service. Azari has been providing excellent service from the owner point of view. They really treat the property as if it is their own and were extreme fast in helping me find a replacement renter when my existing tenant wanted to break the lease. Their prices are very reasonable and I have not had any problems with them.

I am surprised to see so little reviews and so low rating on Yelp because I recall there were couple more reviews with higher ratings before but somehow Yelp had taken some off? Anyway – I cannot speak from the renter’s point of view, but if you own property that you wanted to rent out, Azari can definitely help you if you don’t want to deal with any of the hassle of dealing with the renter.
~ allancc

Many thanks. Thanks to Michael Smith, you and the rest of the staff, I now have two tenants. Indeed, it is great to be receiving rent again.

Everything went so smoothly that if the property becomes vacant again and/or I know of others who could use your services, I would gladly contact your organization.

Many thanks,
~ Jeanette

I’m very happy with the property management service. I hired Azari Property Management to manage my properties starting in 2008 when they were a much smaller company. I highly recommend Manzar and her company if you are looking for a property management company. She is very honest, smart, proactive, and responsible. These values are propagated throughout all her staff. They are responsive to tenant requests for repairs and always provides me very reasonable repair quotes as they await my approval. The pictures from the property inspection help me see the condition of my property. My properties are kept in good shape under their management. The accounting reports make tax time very easy for me. Her real estate know-how has help guide fair rental negotiations as the rental market fluctuates. I’m very happy with her property management service.
~ gl2008

Great service!. Azari is the property manager on our 6 unit HOA. They have been handling our day to day affairs.

We’ve found Azari to be very responsive with maintenance issues and helpful in keeping our HOA disciplined financially with regular reports. We’ve had several maintenance incidents where they’ve gone above and beyond in getting us to a quick resolution.
~ p phil

Very Reliable!. As a landlord I am very pleased with Azari property management. Under previous management, rental payments were not being kept up to date. I expected an eviction to be required.

Manzar Azari was able to work with the tenant to make suitable arrangements saving me the cost of eviction and the cost of a vacancy. It appears that this was a good result for the tenant for the family can continue to live in the property.

Everyone I have dealt with has been friendly and reasonable. I have confidence in their management.
~ Victorious P

A Company I can Trust!. As a property owner, I was reluctant to hire a property management company until I needed to leave the country for three years for my work and was forced to find someone local to manage our property. Since this time, I’ve returned and felt that I should share my experience with Azari Prop Management.

*** Strengths ***

First, I found that they were clear, fair, and firm (when needed) in dealing with tenants. They were clear, fair and firm (when needed) when dealing with property owner. This was music to my ears! Trust is the most important aspect of property management services.

Second, they never tried to milk my contracts for extra money. All repairs they did were straightforward and typically they look for ways to reduce costs sensibly. Having their own maintenance staff, repairs they can do are performed quickly and cost effectively. For larger repairs, they were able to coordinate well with outside vendors.

Third, they kept me informed about any issues occurring with the property so I could be involved (or uninvolved) as I wanted. This is great to keep tabs on long-term health of the property.

Fourth, they worked with tenants and leases that I had put in place (different from their standard stuff) and were willing and able to navigate all of that without issues or extra charges.

Fifth, they are very personable and responsive. They establish a high level of trust in their dealings. (Most management companies have hidden clauses that incur extra costs…Azari’s group is totally clear and straightforward.)

Sixth, management fees are very reasonable compared to other companies in SF and nationwide.

*** Areas where they could improve ***

First, the only time they dropped the ball during the 3 years was during a personnel change. Once they were aware that something fell through the cracks, they remedied it immediately.

Second, we hired them to find new tenants for one unit during our absence. I believe this is a service that is outsourced to a different part of the company. We felt that while they were fast in finding tenants for the apartment, the specific people handling the job of advertising and showing the unit were not very savvy with the SF market and not very good at posting an appealing ad. We became involved to make suggestions and improvements to bring this process up to our standards. They were able to find new tenants within our expected time frame so we were satisfied.

*** Summary ***

+ Trustworthy – this is the most important aspect of the relationship

+ Responsive

+ Cost effective and affordable

Also, I’ve dealt with other property management companies in the interim (for investment properties in other States) and have never found a company that I could trust as much as Azari Property Manage
~ bruceJ

Truthful Review. Given some of the contentious reviews, I start with the disclaimer that I received nothing for writing this. I am not an employee. I received no discount. Etc.

Azari has a few parts to their business. One is property management. I can’t speak to that. The other is rental. I can speak to that.

I have used Azari twice now to rent (find a tenant for) my condo in south beach SF. Once this past month and once about 14 months ago.

They were very agressive (in a good way) about renting this property for me. They were aggressive about getting keys from me to access it; photographing it; posting it; and (perhaps against policy of sites like craigslist) frequently reposting it. “Time to fill” is key when you are trying to rent a place. For a $4000/month property, every week the property is unrented costs you $1000.

When my old tennant moved out, they inspected the place, took and sent me pictures of issues, and offered to fix them at reasonable handyman rates. I now live in San Diego, so I took them up on all their offers.

They were extremely responsive by email and phone during this rental (and fixup) period often answering emails late at night and on weekend.

There are some ways the process could have been smoother (hence 4 stars instead of 5). But I’d rather have aggressive and successful, than smooth and slow.

If my tennant leaves and the property comes up for rent, I’ll happily use Azari again.
~ thejoegeejo

Excellent job!!!. Here I would like to pay special thanks to Raymond who had done an excellent job in showing my place and his dedication, reliance, great listening skills, and willingness to improve/fine-tone the process earned my trust and my respect/my business. I’m sure in time he will earn his clients for life instead of those one time deals here & there. Raymond, thanks a million for your hardwork! & keep-up with your good work.

~ Sophia 

We recommend Azari Property Management to anyone! We recommend Azari Property Management to anyone seeking a property manager. They are not only courteous, thorough and professional, but are focused on providing excellent customer service to their clients.
~ Cristina Alkoheem

Extremely Professional! I learned about Azari Property Management Company (APM) from on-line reviews. In 2008 I hired APM, and within 2-weeks I had a qualified renter. They ran a credit check, required proof of employment, etc., etc. He’s been an excellent renter.

APM is an extremely professional company to work with. I receive monthly and annual statements and rent is deposited the same time every month and has never been late. Semiannual inspections are performed to check the filters, smoke alarms and rain gutters. Any repairs I’m notified by email for approval. APM expects an answer in a timely manner so any delay I’m contacted by phone. Azari is a business women. She’s very firm and direct and makes sure any repairs, etc. that need to be done are affordable and are done in a timely manner. That’s exactly what I expect from my Management Company. Her staff is nice and professional. I can’t speak highly enough about APM. I would hire Azari herself to run my business.

I recently gave notice that I’m selling my condo. APM has again been extremely professional and helpful in this transition. They’re working with my tenant on locating a new place and have been just fantastic.

I highly suggest to any property owner to contact APM. They are an excellent company to put your most valuable asset in the care of.
~ 100cats

Highly Recommend Azari Property Management. I had the pleasure of learning about Azari Property Management last summer. My wife and I were in the process of moving to Seattle and wanted to rent out our place through a property management company that was both professional and trustworthy.

The Azari Property Management has been managing our property since last July. We cannot say enough of how satisfied we are with the service they provide, all the way from selecting the right tenant and signing the contract, to keeping up the property in topnotch shape and ensuring both ours and the tenant’s satisfaction. One of the things we like the most about Azari PM is their professionalism coupled with their availability and personal touch.

We highly recommend Azari PM and are very happy to continue to do business with them in the future.
~ Kimal

Highest recommendation!. I have been with this company from their early years, and they now manage 4 units in 3 cities for me. I have appreciated their timely, ethical, and personal service. The latter is great given the attitude of many larger competitors. My books are kept very well, I receive timely information on repairs needed by tenants, and they collaborate well to take care of my property and provide high quality service to my tenants. As they have grown they have not experienced the typical growing pains of uninformed staff, depersonalized service, etc. This likely stems from great management at the top.
~ frazier steve

Do appreciate all the help you gave me. With my busy schedule and being in different places all the time, your company and the people in your team provide me the perfect assistance in managing my property and giving me the best options in dealing with tenants – especially the difficult ones.

~ Chito M.

You are just too good to be true Manzar. I am really impressed by the way you handle all this.  Appreciate it how you and your team are managing things for me.
~ Tina S.

All of the tenants Azari have found for me have been good. In the 7 years that I have been using them I have never once received the rent late and the house has stayed in relatively good shape. Since they deal with the tenant complaints and requests for repairs the only time I hear about a problem is when something needs to be repaired and I have to approve the cost. I am not sure how the tenants are selected other than a back ground and credit check. You have good reason to be nervous about being a land lord is SF. When I first got the house I tried to do it on my own. I screened the prospective tenants myselfand thought I did a good job but ended up with a very crazy tenant and had to evict him. To make a very long story short it ended up costing me over 30K in lawyerfees and lost rent not to mention the time and stress of having to go to court.
The reason I chose Azari was because I meet Manzar, the owner of the company and trusted her right away. They were not very big at the time and she came to the house herself when I called them. I had just gone though the eviction and was very nervous about renting the house again but she assured me that they would find me a good tenant and get me a the most I could get for the rent ,and she did. The house was rented within 3 weeks and the rent was higher then I thought it would be. During those 3 weeks I even called her and told here we should lower what we were asking for the rent because I was so desperate to get some money coming in from the house but she calmed me down and told me to wait and she was right.  The Back office has always seemed very good to me. Whenever I have a question about anything the responses are quick and if there is a problem it is resolved.
I get my statements on time and they do a walk through of the house every 6 months and send me pictures of the condition of the house.
My assessment of Azari my seem a little too good, but since I have used them to manage the SF property I have not had one problem with them and I don’t have to deal with the tenants. I would highly recommend the Azari Group, they have been very good to me and have done a very good job managing the house. Please feel free to ask more questions if I have not giving you the answers you are looking for. Good luck and be carful, SF is not an easy place to be a landlord.
~ Mark S.

Been a very satisfied customer for many years; Manzar and her team have been excellent in managing our property (e.g. taking care of repairs; doing annual inspection of the property..etc.) and helping with finding great tenants. Never had any problems with the tenants Manzar approved so far. Service has been very prompt and professional. The company basically takes care of everything – finding and approving tenants, drafting agreements, and managing any problems during the rental period. I would definitely recommend her service to anyone who does not want to deal with the hassle of managing a rental property.
~ Alan C.

I own a number of investment properties in the City and have used Azari Property Management exclusively as my leasing agent for years. I recommend without reservations the Azari team to any investment property owner looking for a responsive and hard-working property leasing agent and management company.
The Azari team prepares detailed rent comps and helps with staging of the property — the photographs and advertisements are always well presented. No one knows the Financial District/SOMA/Yerba Buena market better than Yianni and Manzar. Genie, Mario, and Jenny are absolutely wonderful to work with. The in-house staff handles the credit checks and tenant due diligence with care, and also professionally prepares all leases on current San Francisc-specific C.A.R. forms. The tenants Azari has placed for me are all terrific folks who pay their rents on time and take care of my properties.
Azari’s in-house property repairs and maintenance crew is first-rate — they are courteous, professional, and cost-effective in getting a property ready for tenant move-in. I have chosen to manage my relatively new properties myself, but when I’ve had an occasional malfunctioning appliance or something of that sort, I contract with Azari’s team to have my property taken care of — all I have to do is call, they are right on top of it, scheduling repairs with my tenant promptly. It’s been a pleasure working with Azari.
~ Lawrence M.

Azari Property Management has always done a fantastic job with finding the right tenants and maintaining the property. They are proactive and transparent about how they deal with maintenance issues and emergency repairs. Candi, Manzar, and Jenny did a great job for us!! I highly recommend their service.
~ Gloria L.

Dear Manzar and Team, my most sincere thanks for helpng me with my new adventure into the real estate landlord world. I appreciate the help, advise and expertise you have provided.
Warm regards and best wishes!
~ Dr. Corey M.

Azari PM managed our house in Fremont (as a rental) for 4.5 years and sold it (at well over asking) in under 5 weeks. They are superb! Specific shout-outs to Manzar, Genie, Jenny, Daniel, Reza, and Laetitia. Thanks A-team!
~ Tina and Branden

Azari Property Management was recommended by our HOA. Because of their good reputation, we decided to hire the firm to rent out our condo in San Fran. They appointed a professional and effective team to carry out our assignment. Good communication with clients and keep customers well informed.
~ Sylvia Pan

I’ve been staying with C/O Azari for my rental property in Bay Area since 2012. So far I really like their service, such as quick response for all my questions, nice employees to deal with (Jenny F. is my favorite). I don’t have headache at all that’s why I post it as 5 stars with 3Qs…..Quality Company, Quality Service, and Quality Employees that you can trust with….:)
~ Henry P

I have a good experience with Azari Property Management in finding a good and qualified tenant for my Millbrae condo through its services.The response is very fast. The advertising is powerful and the legal document is very protective. I am very happy with the result and will go to Azari for my next rental need!
~ Jimmy Wang

I’ve been with Azari Property Management since 2008. Manzar and her team have consistently been professional, responsive, and very easy to work with. I don’t know what I would do without them. I highly recommend them!
~ S. Choe

We work with Azari for our rental properties at the organization I work for. They have been a great property management company and always answer our questions in a time efficient manner.
~ Valerie Zekas

We have been working with Azari Property from several years and they have done good job.

We’ve been clients of Azari PM for the past five years and I have nothing but praise for them. The team has been quite helpful in getting us the best tenants no matter what time of the year. Our last tenant left right after Thanksgiving weekend. Upon his departure, the team at Azari PM worked nonstop to secure us a new customer who fit our criteria. To our surprise due to market conditions, their tireless effort guaranteed us a new tenant by Christmas.
Customer service at Azari PM does not end with securing new tenants. Their twice-a-year inspection of the unit and direct communication with us has helped us to keep up our place in excellent shape despite being in rental market for the past five years.
We’re so pleased with Azari PM’s overall services that we have referred them to both family and friends interested in working with property management companies to rent out their places.
~ Ali Kani

Azari Property Management was recommended by our HOA. Because of their good reputation, we decided to hire the firm to rent out our condo in San Fran. They appointed a professional and effective team to carry out our assignment. Good communication with clients and keep customers well informed.
~ Sylvia Pan

Almost 5 years later and Azari is still doing a great job with my unit. They prepare a very comprehensive lease document for each rental year. Provide me with complete and accurate documentation. Zero complaints from the tenant. Very responsive.
I see that most negative reviews are from tenants. Management companies are agents for the owner/landlord. If the landlord is a jerk then your problems start there.
For small time landlords it is essential to:
a) separate yourself from the tenant in regards to financial transactions
b) have a very comprehensive, professionally prepared lease document that covers the myriad of potential pitfalls presented to anyone trying to rent a unit out
c) separate yourself from qualifying and choosing tenants – the tenant Azari qualified for me is awesome
If you get the wrong tenant and they decide to pickup a meth habit, start destroying the place and then refuse to pay rent – it will cost you 50K plus. There is almost no such thing as an “eviction” in SF. You have to pay big time even to get the most egregious miscreants out of your property. Been there. It’s insanity on another level.
For landlords – if you have a normal, non-cranky tenant – count your blessings.
~ Anthony A.

Have had a very satisfying  work relationship with this wonderful group of people for past 3 years! We  managed our rental property prior to hiring Manzar and her team of professionals .Best decision we made!! They have made our lives so much physically easier and stress free in keeping our property in good condition.Jenny is Awesome! She  has been  quick to respond to our questions in regards to our  property and  recent lease renewal negotiations (Felt like she was there  24/7) . Very happy to say they have secured us another year of stress free prosperity    🙂
~ Danny D.

Genie is the best!!! She helped find tenants for me twice and went above and beyond to make sure everything went smoothly while showing the house. I would recommend her to anyone.
~ Lauren C.

I have been working with Azari for a few months now as a property owner.  I have been using both their property management services and their in house contractors for various repairs to my unit.
The contracting services portion of the business have been very smooth.  In whole the work has been done quickly and at a very reasonable rate, while still maintaining a high quality.  I saved a ton having them paint my unit vs getting painters myself and really recommend using them for all your in unit repairs and upgrade needs.
After getting off a bit of a bumpy start with the property management side, Manzer herself stepped in and smoothed everything out and we got my unit rented within days of her putting in the personal attention.
I have enjoyed working with Azari and am looking forward to their continued support with my unit.
~ Erik V.

Azari Management is made up of a lot of hard working people. They truly care about your property. In general, as a property owner, it is best to do a little research and determine when recommended repairs are really necessary. We’ve been able to ask Azari the right questions and then accept home improvement projects as needed. It has been a good learning experience working with Azari and we are happy to recommend them to friends.
~ Peggy C.

I rented out my condo with Genie M at Azari and I’m really happy with them, and surprised the reviews are so terrible. It was all really easy for me, I haven’t had to deal with much, especially the maintenance which was the scariest part of renting my place out. I think I could have done it all myself, but I didn’t know where to start with things like fixing the knob on the dryer, my broken ignition on my stove, broken window handles, etc. Saul zelaya is the maintenance guy there and he was really FABULOUS, detailing all that needed fixing or replacements, then taking pictures when they were done and all the while, keeping me updated on the status of everything. It was such a relief to me to have his attention and service. I always felt like they were all working towards getting my place rented out, supporting me.

My only gripe has been some billing issues, but they were fixed right away after being put to Jenny’s attention. I hope they continue to be easy to work with in the future.
~ Elizabeth R.

Professional and very diligent. I have a unit which they manage on my behalf and the team at Azari are pleasure to interact with.

I will refer them to anyone looking for their management expertise or to search for rentals.
~ Deepak M.

Home Buyers & Sellers

There have been very few times in my life where a company or individual takes a vested interest in my well-being and goes above and beyond for me as a customer. The Azari Group as a whole, and specifically Manzar Azari and Olga Kusnetsova, are one of those organizations. I have had the privilege of working with Manzar twice over the past 5 years ” once, as a rental tenant in a house she managed for the owners ” the second, as a first-time home buyer looking to purchase a home here in the Bay Area. Manzar truly kept our best interests at heart as she represented both the home owner, and my wife and I as tenants gracefully, tactfully and with strict adherence to doing not just what was best, but what was right. As a real estate agent, she gave our family a lot of flexibility in how we were involved throughout the process, while being a shrewd negotiator (that clearly did her homework) during the purchase process of our home. I cannot thank Manzar and her team enough for all that they have done for us over the past few years and look forward to working with her again in the future. Regardless of your needs in the real estate market, I would highly recommend Manzar and her team!!!

Dear Eugenia,
We would like to thank you for all you did to help us sell our house, as you provided us with a lot of valuable and wise advice during this process. We really appreciate all the patience and support that you gave us and your efforts to keep us both sane. Even though we miss the apts., Raquel and I will now enjoy a pleasent retirement. Hope your days are always filled with lots of blessings.
Fanny and Raquel

Dear Manzar: 
Thank you and all of your staff very much for all of your hard work and for keeping in contact with me. You can’t know how reassuring it is to do business with all of you. I clearly picked the right firm.
Bob M.

When my wife and I were faced with having to short sell our condominium, we chose The Azari Group to be our real estate agents as they were already successfully managing the rental of our property. Manzar Azari and Sopida Siadat offered their guidance and knowledge of the current real estate market in order to identify a proper and attractive marketing strategy. Throughout the long process with our lender, they made every effort in recommending a great real-estate attorney and an excellent certified short-sale negotiator. They secured a prospective buyer and maintained consistent communications with the buyer’s agent in order to ensure that they stuck around until the end. We are pleased that we were able to complete the transaction and are thankful and grateful for Mrs. Azari’s professional attitude as well as her staff’s courtesy and attention to our needs. We would highly recommend The Azari Group for all your real estate needs.
Joe B.

I want to update this review to thank Manzar D. Azari and Yong (the real estate agent) Thank you for all your hard work. You make the impossible, possible. You really follow-up all the negotiations and transactions that occurred during the selling of the condo. If I had another chance to sell another property, I would like to hire you as my agent again. Thank you and good luck to both of you.
~ Vivian B.

Azari PM is on top of their game.  Azari PM consistently gets the job done. I moved from SF to NYC 3 years ago and needed to find a tenant as well as property manager for my condo (keep in-mind that this was in the depths of the financial crisis). Azari sourced a 3-year lease in short order, managed the property efficiently and then represented me to sell the property when the lease was over. Not once did I ever have to worry about the property or stress about a thing. The rent was deposited into my account like clockwork and I received thorough monthly statements. Manzar is direct, honest, hard working and does not waste time – exactly the type of player you want on your team.
~ SFjesus

Manzar and her team have been our real estate partners for the last two years. They managed our property and helped us through the short sale process for our property that was over $300K under water. By having Azari handle both the property management and the short sale, it created a seamless process of working with the tenants throughout the process from selling and showing the home, to move out. It was extremely painless for us. Azari navigated us through the peaks and valleys of the short sale and property management labyrinth; we put complete trust in the team, and I am glad we did. Now my family can move forward and work to get out financial house back in order. I cant recommend Azari enough, and we will continue to work with them on or Real Estate Investment needs!
~ chlemus

Wonderful Service in Multiple Capacities. My wife and I had to relocate to LA for her to attend grad school, so I came across Azari Property Management in a search and used their service to rent out and manage my condo in SOMA. They have a great familiarity with the area and with my building, and were able to find a tenant almost immediately. In the two years that they managed the rental property, they provided two very strong tenants and their service was well worth the peace of mind of having to not advertise or manage the condo unit myself. They also provided reasonable maintenance for smaller jobs, and efficiently accounted for the monthly rental income.

After two years of using the condo as a rental property, we decided to relocate permanently to Southern California, so we enlisted Manzar Azari to sell the condo. Through networking, she was able to find a very qualified buyer that made a cash offer above our asking price…within 10 days of the property being listed. Good fortune with the buyer aside, Azari PM made sure that closing would be painless and Manzar was in communication during the closing process even while on vacation in Europe!

Azari Property Management can provide for all of your real estate needs, and I have been extremely happy with the services they have provided over the past few years.
~ Paolo V.

Azari PM managed our house in Fremont (as a rental) for 4.5 years and sold it (at well over asking) in under 5 weeks. They are superb! Specific shout-outs to Manzar, Genie, Jenny, Daniel, Reza, and Laetitia. Thanks A-team!
~ Tina Eliassi-Rad


Well, I apologize for the late nature of my review however; the additional time has confirmed my option and review of this remarkable San Francisco Real Estate firm.

Several months ago, my mother sold her home of 35 years, due to the passing of my father and the ongoing battle with the Department of Defense, over my father’s disability claims and pension.  The buyers, insisted on a 7 day close, which forced her to live in hotels for quite some time.  Our realtor at the time had no temporary living arrangements for her, which complicated matter to say the least.  Six months and $100,000.00 later, we were completely frustrated and still in search of a home for her to purchase.  I saw an advertisement for a rental property that was not available and the picture on the card promptly me to call.  I shared more than I would initially disclose of our story and expressed my concerns.  I immediately felt we were in good hands with Manzar and the Azari Real Estate Group.  We met the following day and all I can say is it has been a true blessing of epic proportions since that meeting.  Manzar and her associates had a temporary residence for my mother within 24 hours.  The level of service and their sincere care and concern has been extraordinary, and we could not be happier or more grateful to Manzar and the members of her firm.  Previously we have been through quite a bit of nonsense with other agents and management companies, who for whatever reason,  demonstrated their biases and consequently, their limitations.  There is not enough time to share that with you and just as well.  The good news and most important information I can share is the extraordinary good fortune we have experienced having met The Azari Real Estate Group.  Accordingly, one of their agents, Eugenia Montzoros, is looking for a permanent home for my mother to purchase and she too, has been remarkable.  When you consider the excellence they provide in, “management of the delivery of service,” The Azari Real Estate Group, is second to none.  Certainly, one of the best firms in the Bay Area and then some!
~ Benjamin

I moved into an Azari property in January 2017 in San Francisco. While the house was not completely done when we moved in, they have been responsive in repairing and taking care of the issues.

Reza has been especially phenomenal in addressing our requests! Every time we have submitted a maintenance order, he has contacted us the next day and addressed the issue. We SO appreciate his service and follow through.
~ Annie K.

We have just moved to our new apartment which is managed by Azari Property Management. Their staff has been extremely helpful with fixing up the apartment and managing the communication between the landlord and us. They respond quickly and show a high degree of professionalism. I would recommend working with Azari to anyone who’s looking for an apartment in SF.
~ Thomas V.

I signed a lease with Azari in August 2016 and since then didn’t have any problems: all my questions were answered immediately, and maintenance requests were handled promptly, too. After 12 months I signed another lease, and the rent remained the same, which was nice.

A month ago an accident happened in the building (water pipe burst), and several apartments were affected, including the one where I stayed. Azari management was very helpful in communication between me and the landlord. I was able to terminate the lease and got all of my security deposit back. Special thanks to Manzar from Azari for her help.
~ Andrey G

I have been a tenant in an Azari PM property for almost five years (since 2012) and am very satisfied with their management. John and his maintenance team are very responsive to requests and Genie and Jenny have always been very helpful and professional in answering questions about our apartment and lease. I can relax knowing that my questions can always be answered with quick phone call. It’s definitely comforting to know that I can count on them to provide great service. Keep up the good work!
~ Samam B.

Thanks to Mark Bush from AzariPM, I was able to tour and rent an apartment within 24 hours of seeing the ad. He arrainged a same day showing (within hours of my initial message). Then he worked with me and the landlord late into the night to answer questions, process the application, and prepare the lease. I’ve never seen the leasing process go so quickly and smoothly. I would definitely recommend both Mark and Azari Property Management!
~ Georgi N.

I have only rented with Azari Property Management for 3 weeks but I have locked myself out of the apartment two times and have managed to get keys from them in a timely fashion to unlock my apartment. I think the real shining star is the Property Manager Reza who is very prompt with maintenance requests and goes above and beyond to help out when possible. He is extremely kind and trustworthy.
~ Kayla K.

There have been very few times in my life where a company or individual takes a vested interest in my well-being and goes above and beyond for me as a customer. The Azari Group as a whole, and specifically Manzar Azari and Olga Kusnetsova, are one of those organizations. I have had the privilege of working with Manzar twice over the past 5 years ” once, as a rental tenant in a house she managed for the owners ” the second, as a first-time home buyer looking to purchase a home here in the Bay Area. Manzar truly kept our best interests at heart as she represented both the home owner, and my wife and I as tenants gracefully, tactfully and with strict adherence to doing not just what was best, but what was right. As a real estate agent, she gave our family a lot of flexibility in how we were involved throughout the process, while being a shrewd negotiator (that clearly did her homework) during the purchase process of our home. I cannot thank Manzar and her team enough for all that they have done for us over the past few years and look forward to working with her again in the future. Regardless of your needs in the real estate market, I would highly recommend Manzar and her team!!!
~ Eric

I’m a long time renter from the east coast and now living in an Azari managed building in San Francisco. I am very happy with the service they provide which is prompt, courteous and efficient. Plus they are very discreet when they visit the house which I appreciate.
~ David T.

I recently moved to San Francisco and rented an apartment management by Azari Property Management. I’m blown away by the company’s professionalism and willingness to go out of its way to help out its tenants.

I came to San Francisco on a house hunting trip and they managed to have a deal signed, sealed, and delivered within 24 hours — on a weekend! And when I needed a car to pick up a television, Manzar, the CEO, offered to arrange the transportation. I’m also incredibly impressed with Azari’s maintenance support. They use only first class vendors, and when I came home to a broken toilet late one Saturday night, I was able to arrange to get it fixed within an hour! And much to my surprise, Manzar personally followed up to make sure the problem was fixed.

Azari has a first rate staff and I’ve enjoyed my dealings with all of them. If you are looking to rent a unit from a first-class management company, Azari Property Management is the way to go.
~ Eric S

Couldn’t ask for more. After being with Azari for close to a year now, I must say that this company keeps impressing me more and more! Anytime we have had an issue with anything in the house, one quick call or online repair request and it was taken care of expeditiously. We also had an issue where the homeowner wound up going into foreclosure. Azari made the transition to the new property managers (BANK) as smooth as it could possibly be. Keeping us informed every step of the way through this murky time. Now we are leaving our old foreclosed upon house (bank is offering a great relocation package), and i contact Manzar and within a couple of hours, we found a new place and will be looking at it tomorrow and most likely moving in pretty soon thereafter. I am very comfortable with Azari, it is by far the best property management firm I have ever worked with. If you are in the market for a rental or to purchase a property Azari is definitely the way to go. When they say 5 star service, they mean it!!!!

Their online site for repairs and payment of rent is one of the easiest to maneuver ever!
~ JB B.

This Company is Great!. Manzar is extremely professional, caring and an expert in dealing with difficult people and situations. You don’t meet professionals like her in very many situations. I highly recommend her with no reservations whatsoever. She is a pleasure to work with and a great example of integrity, honesty and professionalism.

Year first hired: 2009 – Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
~ Kara W.

Personable, Good Value, High Integrity. Manzar is a wonderful person to work with. She is responsive, articulate, sharp and results orientated. She solves problems quickly and is always professional. Her team is very good at what they do, and they always take the time to ask about our personal life- I strongly recommend Manzar and her team to manage or sell your property!
~ paigel

Thank You Soo Much Genie! Dear Genie: Just a sincere “thank you” for your wonderful services in helping find a suitable apartment for Brian. Your patience, expertise, sensitivity, warmth and humor, were invaluable during this difficult and frustrating experience. You became a member of our family and a trusted friend to Brian. Thank you so much. (Please remember him when Greek Food Festival comes along!)
~ Lois and Perry Karfunkel, and of course Brian ~ SF Giant

Highly professional and extremely helpful. This is my first time working with Azari, and I must say that their entire team is totally efficient and very quick to respond to maintenance issues once they find out about them. We moved into our home last Friday, and as soon as we moved in we began to notice several maintenance issues that needed to be addressed. Once I notified them of these issues they were either quickly handled by their staff of maintenance, or sometimes they had to go through a third party. One of the issues was a refrigerator

freezer that neither cooled nor froze, once I notified Olga and Yianni they went above and beyond to make sure that an appliance repair technician was sent out immediately.

Once the tech got here and realized that parts would have to be ordered, they quickly approved the order, and since it was going to be several days before the part came in Olga contacted a rental agency and had a rental refrigerator sent out so that we could at least have a refrigerator. The owner had left lots of furnishings in the house, and prior to move in we had told Azari which of the furnishings we wanted (it was only one) they notified the owner that these needed to be removed prior to move in. On the day we signed the lease the owner advised them that the stuff would not be out in time for us to move in, at this point Manzar , swung into action and sent her maintenance staff to remove the furnishings so that we could move in. There was also issues with our first choice where it turned out that the owner was a scammer and Manzar told us to look at their properties and choose another one we liked, we looked at another property on Saturday and moved in on Thursday. So in summary I would highly recommend Azari and it’s highly competent staff. I dealt with Manzar, Olga, Sopida, Yong and Yianni, they are all highly professional and extremely helpful! I would use Azari without hesitation.
~ jb b

From a tenant’s perspective… I know Azari from a tenant’s perspective: they are the property managers at the building of an apartment I want to rent. All I can say to property owners is, boy, do they do a thorough screening of potential tenants! I would think every building owner would take comfort from that.. While it i a hassle as a tenant to come up with all the paperwork, Azari made it as smooth as possible.

I really loved the unit I looked at, and I’m afraid I made a pest of myself, emailing, texting, asking for status, while my application was being considered. The folks at Azari always responded, and never seemed irritated at how much I was contacting them.A special shout out goes to Derek and Jenny, who stayed in touch with me throughout the whole process. I would happily live in a building managed by Azari, and I think a property owner would feel secure knowing that a professional team is looking out for their interests.

I want to update this review with further compliments for Azari. While working with them to get that “perfect” San Francisco apartment, I found what I was looking for, only to have the owner of the property reject me because of qualms about my employment situation. (I am a consultant, so I don’t have the every-two-weeks pay stub to show). I loved this apartment so much, though, that I went straight to Manzar Azari, the owner, with all my bank statements and perfect credit report, and Manzar went to bat for me with the owner, explaining my situation in detail and why I would be a perfect tenant.

I had never met Manzar and she didn’t know anything about me. But she listened patiently when I explained my situation, then she took up my cause. What property manager does that? Manzar said it’s because the tenants are as important to her as the owners, and I believe it. It makes sense, because the owners are counting on the property management to get them good, stable tenants, while the tenants want to know that their tenancy will be trouble-free. It’s like a match-making service!

I really can’t say enough about Azari. They went the extra mile for me and now I have an apartment that I just love and hope to stay in for a long time.
~ Barbara C.

Thanks Azari!. I rent an in-law unit in San Francisco which is managed by Azari PM. I just moved in at the beginning of the month, but so far all my interactions with Azari have been helpful, friendly and efficient. The agent who showed me the unit was lovely and helped me and the landlord out immensely by making sure that I was a good fit for this unit and that it was a good fit for me. The accounting department and maintenance department have been very responsive to my questions and needs and very efficient in meeting them. I hope to be in this unit for a good long time. Thanks Azari!
~ Brian H

Great Service!. Manzar, I would like to add that I think your office is very fair to both landlord and tenant — exactly what we hoped. Your office is lucky to have your balanced leadership!

Kind regards,
~ Brooke

very pleased. I have been very pleased withd al of my experiences with Azari Management. Everyone is very professional and helpful.
~ gmahuhn99

I really like this company, I was looking for an apartment for renting , Then I talked with Manzar (manager of company) and she helped me to find an apartment with one of her agents . She is a hard worker woman and she respect to her clients and their times and also she is very serious in her job . moreover,James ,her agent who showed us lots of apartments , is a very clever and kind boy and also he is a hard worker man too.
~ Sayid T.

I would like to give hight marks to Azari Property Management in general, and Jenny Filchenko for her attention to detail, professionalism and prompt service. We lived at a property managed by Azari in west San Jose. During this time, Jenny handled our email and phone queries professionally. She went the extra mile to ensure that we were satisfied.
~ Michela H.

Azari Property Management is excellent. I rented a house in San Jose with a friend and they tended to our every need-all very nice people. Prompt responses and easy to use portals for convenience in paying rent and deposit made transactions very smooth. Move out was easy-they gave a very fair review of the property and I got my entire deposit back!
~ Stephanie Rodriguez

I got in touch with Azari Property Management via a listing on I was in a situation where I needed to find a place to live in SF within a 24 hour window of time. The employees bent over backwards to get us into our rental. More or less they spent the entire day before the 4th of July weekend scrambling to help us get our paperwork done and get us moved in. I cannot possibly thank them enough. And BIG thanks to Daniel Boone Coffman.
~ Christopher S.

Azari is very professional and responsive. Jenny was extremely helpful and responded to my requests even after normal business hours. Their online payment and management platform is very efficient and easy to use.
~ Chris Brandon

This review is specifically for Jenny Filchenko from Azari Properties, who has been helping us out with our lease. She is very professional, quickly responds to our emails and has been a delight to work with. She has helped us out with our initial lease, renewal process and in general any queries or interaction with our landlord. She completely deserves this 5 star rating and I would definitely love to work with her again!
~ Sonia P.

I just moved into a property managed by Azari. So far the communication has been on par and very quick. They came to fix some minor issues almost immediately. Reza is one of the maintenance managers, and he is awesome! Super friendly, helpful, efficient, and hardworking.  🙂
~ Joan P.

We dealt with Jenny on a 6 month lease for an apartment.  It was a last minute rental.  Jenny worked late on New Year’s eve to complete the lease agreements and email them to the future tenants.  Her follow up was quick and very responsive.  There was a problem with my check for the deposit which she handled quickly and professionally.  I would recommend using Azari at this point.
~ Susan M.

APM shines through its employees. In my experience with them so far guys like Reza and Saul have been back and forth putting in so much good work to help us get situated in our new home. I hope to continue having a good rental experience from this company
~ Spencer S.

This is my second review of Azari Property Management – from a renters point of view.  I’ve been living in an Azari managed property for about 10 months now, and just have to add comments about their fantastic maintenance group – most recently my interactions with Saul, who totally rocks!  I have continued to receive the best customer service from the team at Azari – they do everything they can to keep me happy and content, and are incredibly responsive 7 days a week.
~ Aleta A.

Exceptional customer service when it counted the most. On a national holiday, our air conditioner went out and it was 89° in the house. Azari got the repair done less than 3 hours after my phone call. I even got a follow up phone call that day, from the owner of Azari Property Management and another call the next day to make sure all was well. How many property management companies provide that level of service on a holiday? Much appreciated and highly recommended.
~ Jim M.