Comprehensive Tenant Placement Services

We manage your property the same as we manage ours! We will act as though we are the owner and we will make sure that with our 24/7 toll-free emergency hotline, we are on top of any inquiry by your tenant. We can also take care of your property in your absence if you need a temporary /short-term property manager. Your net rent income is directly deposited in your bank account.

Services Include:
Fostering good tenant relations with an emphasis on tenant retention.
Comprehensive property management accounting services (we take care of your investment like it was ours).
Timely, accurate, and easy-to-read accounting reports. Easy-to-read owner statements will be emailed directly to you each month.
Owners get paid securely and quickly via convenient electronic payment.
Periodical inspections of the property.
Coordinating routine maintenance and repairs utilizing our select list of qualified vendors.
Knowledge of building codes & conditions, making us able to spot potential problems prior to them becoming costly repairs.
24-hour toll-free emergency service.
Timely and Accurate tenant billing.
Preparation of annual operating budgets.
Training and supervision of on-site personnel.
Negotiating service and supply contracts using competitive bidding.
Assisting in complying with governmental regulations.
Careful administration of lease terms and conditions.
Tracking vacancy rates, vacancy factors, time-on-market, and rent values for the area, and effectively marketing your home/apartment.
For the convenience of our global clients, we speak English, Farsi, Greek, Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, French, Italian.